Pulse Monitoring System

Revers Systems' Brand Reputation Management Application helps organizations to do a Local and Global Analysis of national and international items on how they are being assessed in different Markets. PMS utilizes Natural Language Processing to group, break down and order Customer Feedback about a Product or an Entity into Positive, Negative and Neutral.

PMS could creep different Websites, Social Media Platforms, Blogs and Customer Care messages. It additionally makes sense of the purposes behind a Product which is doing or not doing admirably.

Listen to a huge number of discussions on the World Wide Web, triangulate data, and break down client estimations & draw in the clients through our PMS framework that helps organizations with viable client adjusting and reaping. PMS figures different scopes of sentiments, gathers geological data, performs client statistic division, rates the level of impact and conveys semantic invitation to take action on what the business ought to do about the sentiments.

Process Automation
  • Customer & Competition Analysis
  • Active & Passive Listeners, Crawlers, Campaign Management
  • Target the appropriate Conversation
  • Engaging Participants by joining the right Conversation
  • Data Mining & Business Intelligence
  • Managing Results with dashboard

PMS accumulate information of clients by listening to a great many discussions from 100,000+ source frameworks crosswise over 50+ languages. Our NLP technology spotlights on comprehension client interests, their feelings, and sentiments towards the brand. The information helps in examining patterns followed in the market, persona of clients, positive as well as negative feedback on brand involvement and many more. This addresses the requirements of the clients and to keep up brand reputation.

It gives information on client assessments, interests, and attitude towards organizations, brands and products by investigating the different portal subjects. The Pulse Monitoring System looks at customer feedback over the web principally on variables like buyer's persona, decision making capability & reactions, lifestyle, statistic practices and other aspects to discover feelings of the audiences or people towards the brand to sought out the appropriate target groups.

Product Highlights
Customer Feedback


Grievance Mgmt. Integration

Grievance Mgmt.

Competition Analysis


Surveillance to catch commenters over www

Surveillance to catch
commenters over www

Sentimental Analysis by Gender, Location etc.

Sentimental Analysis by
Gender, Location etc.

Brand Reputation


Accuracy on Sentimental Analysis

Accuracy on
Sentimental Analysis

Retain Brand Loyalty

Retain Brand

Increases ROI


Social Awareness about Products/Brands

Social Awareness about Products/Brands

Eliminate Unhappy Customers

Eliminate Unhappy

Improving Customer Satisfaction

Improving Customer